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  1. I am using Harmonic Sniper for 2 weeks, but i really want you to let know this software is so so professional and accurate. Harmonic Sniper will teach you what it does. You must have this software. If you are a good discipline trader, then you can study harmonic patterns with this software. Highly recommend and still profiting while writing this review. King regards Harmonic Sniper team

    (they didn’t pay me to add this review, this is my true experience )

  2. I wanted to thank you for this site, I purchased many indicators, but Harmonic sniper is the best and greatest one. I think I will not need any other harmonic indicator in my life again, highly recomended

  3. I can say that, I would suggest Harmonicsniper is best tools I have ever used. On top of that FxCanli-Sensei has created great course with his method how to see and trade any market. The approach is amazing and providing you with great knowledge to better understand overall market behaviour. You will have lots to learn but when you finish you be shocked how well you can see the market compared to what you did before.
    Overall I think 5 star is not enough for Harmonic Sniper and FxCanli Premium course, best regards

  4. This is not only a indicator , its kind of assistance helping you to filter right trades, indicator will work for you, even while sleeping. Excellent indicator, this is best one I ever seen. Thanks a ton.

  5. Harmonic Sniper indicator is excellent. I have used it more then one month. It gives me a good enter signals. It is not to difficult to learn it. I am fully satisfy with it and I can recommended.

  6. Great indicator, I am happy with Alerts of this indicator, my wife is happy to ?

  7. AL BASER G ALONTO January 9, 2020 at 6:07 pm Reply

    Im just Purchase Harmonic Sniper indicator..So friendly user with Alert notification system.Very Good indicator and also easy to communicate with Harmonic Sniper Team…Thank you very much for create this indicator…very helpfull..

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